3 phase changeover switch
3 phase changeover switch319
MCB Installation - Electrician near me - Electrician in Bangalore
3 Pole MCB installation 229
MCB Installation - Electrician near me - Electrician in Bangalore
4 pole MCB installation 259
AC Switchbox installation
AC Switchbox installation319
Bulb holder installation
Bulb holder installation99
Bulbs replacement (5nos)
Bulbs replacement (5nos)119
Casing wiring (per 5m)
Casing wiring (per 5m)219
Ceiling fan regulator replacement
Ceiling fan regulator replacement79
Chandeleir installation (6 bulbs)
Chandeleir installation (6 bulbs)419
Chandeleir installation (more than 6 bulbs)
Chandeleir installation (more than 6 bulbs)899
Decorative Ceiling fan installation
Decorative Ceiling fan installation419
Decorative wall Light / Ceiling light
Decorative wall Light / Ceiling light149
Door bell installation
Door bell installation69
Door bell replace
Door bell replace69
Double Battery - Inverter Battery - Battery
Double Battery with Inverter installation499
Double pole MCB installation
Double pole MCB installation219
Drill hole and hang (pack of 2)
Drill hole and hang (pack of 2)69
Fan installation
Fan installation219
Fan repair
Fan repair169
Fan replacement
Fan replacement189
Fan uninstallation
Fan uninstallation99
Fuse replacement - Fuse replacement near me - Fuse replacement in Bangalore - Fuse repair
Fuse replacement99
Internal wiring (per 5m)
Internal wiring (per 5m)199
inverter fuse repair - inverter battery - electrician near me
Inverter fuse repair119
Inverter servicing
Inverter servicing219
Replace CFL to LED
Replace CFL to LED149
Single Battery - Inverter Battery - Battery
Single Battery with Inverter Installation419
MCB Installation - Electrician near me - Electrician in Bangalore
Single pole MCB Installation109
Something else
Something else99
Stabilizer installation
Stabilizer installation169
Submeter installation - Electrical  Submeter installation - meter installation near me
Submeter installation269
Switch / Socket replacement
Switch / Socket replacement69
Switch board installation (upto 6 s/w)
Switch board installation (upto 6 s/w)249
Switch board repair (upto 6 s/w)
Switch board repair (upto 6 s/w)99
Tube light or Bed lamp
Tube light or Bed lamp99
TV installation (above 48 inches)
TV installation (above 48 inches)499
TV installation (upto 48 inches)
TV installation (upto 48 inches)419
TV Uninstallation
TV Uninstallation169
Wiring without casing (per 5m)
Wiring without casing (per 5m)99