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    YbraniumXpert FAQ's

    Liaisoning works
    We provide a complete package of Liaisoning consultancy services. The responsibility starts from the preparation of design work and supervision up to the completion of the project.

    Yes, Ybranium provides Liaisoning Services like Plan Approval, and various other Electrical department Liaisoning works, we are providing Liaisoning Services that have helped various Residents, Developers & Builders.

    Yes, we will provide liaisoning services in processing the NOC required for the project from department and helping out the clients.

    “R.R. No.” or “REVENUE REGISTER NUMBER” means the number assigned to the Consumer’s installation.

    It depends on the service you choose, after you book your service our executive will visit the premises based on the condition and requirement, he will inform

    In normal condition it will take a week to get your power sanctioned.

    According to BESCOM rules Person has to sign in front of the Executive Engineer, but in some cases we can get you the documents to the premises to get it signed

    Usually 1 time, but in some cases not necessary

    Booking Liaisoning service from YBranium xpert is free, after that our executive will visit the premises then the company will send you the exact quotation

    It is different for each service, we will be mentioning that in the quotation