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YbraniumXpert FAQ's


Here you have a benefit of unlimited services for specified subscription in a given period of time

No, the service is absolutely free for N number of times, you will be charged if materials are replaced.

Yes, You will be charged with best rates and you will get 90days warranty for product replaced from Ybranium end

Yes! Space is no bar to your electrical needs

Yes! It I’ll be varied according to load power sanctions and limits which I’ll be explained in detail by our executive after you sign up

All electrical service for a resistance from MCB to switch and socket is covered under subscription

No , Motor Repair is not included in Subscription and still the service can be booked from OYE as on demand service at a best price.

Yes , you need pay the subscription price based on the tier that is suitable for you at the time of subscription

Yes , internal Earthing problem in the house is included external earthing problem and earthing pit problem is not included in Subscription

Yes !! Service I’ll be provided free if the inverter is brought from Ybranium end for one year

Yes , you can but the extra services are chargeable based on work type and time required

No , it is not covered under subscription.but the problem can be assisted by our executive by booking the Ac repair service

Extral Wiring problem is included in Subscription, inverter is an electronic unit which is not covered under subscription

No , Since the utility electric pole is the property of Bescom, we don’t have an authority to give solution . It I’ll be assisted by Bescom only

Power can be saved in many ways Especially by minimising the losses of electrical energy which Can be done through energy auditing the entire circuit.